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Corrado Giaquinto

(born in Molfetta, 18 February 1703 - died in Naples, 1765)

Corrado Giaquinto was an Italian Rococo painter, (born in Molfetta, 18 February 1703 - died in Naples, 1765).

As a boy, Giaquinto apprenticed with a modest local painter Saverio Porta, (c1667-1725), escaping the religious career his parents had intended for him. By October 1724, he left Molfetta, and along with contemporary Francesco de Mura (1696-1784) and Giuseppe Bonito (1707-1789), he trained from 1719-23 in the prolific Neapolitan studio of Francesco Solimena, either with Solimena or his pupil, Nicola Maria Rossi.

Throughout his life, Giaquinto was a peripatetic painter, with long soujourns in Naples, Rome (between 1723-53), Turin (1733 and 1735-9), and Madrid (1753-1761). (From Wikipedia)

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